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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Psychology Research

Psychology Research
By : Hesti Yanuarti

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind. Psychology proceeds through the art of observation. Understanding Psychology is like a training program for the mind, the way physical exercises provide training for the body. Mind produces thoughts, which control our lives. Exercises impart physical fitness, where as training of human mind result in molding lives. Mental training helps in redirecting emotions, behavior, actions etc., creatively towards the path of success. Psychology try to unravel the mystery regarding the function of objects.

Psychological research is a vital necessity towards further development within society. Psychology is a varied discipline that covers many areas of study, and as such requires divisional areas of research, along with practical and effective research designs.

The methods of psychology research are :
  • Psychobiology : Biological research of psychology. Study the human brain from cellular level to research possibilities and reasons for mental illness, such as schizophrenia.
  • Cognition : a research study of how human process information, which importantly leads us to making everyday decisions.
  • Human Development : an area of psychological research which involves the assessment, outcomes and, depending on age, possibilities across a lifetime. We will go through many changes in life from social, physical and cognitive mandates and decisions.
  • Social Psychology : a discipline in that how we psychologically affect each other as individuals in everyday society, and how opinions, superstitions and stereotypes lay their foundations in this vital area.
  • Psychotherapy : an applied research method in that psychologists evaluate appropriate therapy methods for illness such as Bi Polar, Anxiety and Depression in practical situations.
  • Descriptive : an informal research approach which gives a descriptive verbal picture of the current situation. It can be an eye balling naturalistic approach in a natural everyday environment, or a controlled laboratory observation.
  • Predictive : research methods can be categorized into two areas: corelational and quasi-experimental. Corelational is the assessment of the relationship between two variables. Quasi-experimental predictive research method involves the selection of two identifiable groups.
  • Experimental : method could be seen as the most reliable, accurate and valid method of research. The experimental method involves a study where the variables are controlled as much as possible.
Ok,that's all methode for psychology research.

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