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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Social Psychology

Psychological research is a vital necessity towards further development within society. Psychology is a varied discipline that covers many areas of study, and as such requires divisional areas of research, along with practical and effective research designs.

Social Psychology is a discipline in that how we psychologically affect each other as individuals in everyday society, and how opinions, superstitions and stereotypes lay their foundations in this vital area. An example research of social psychology would be a study of the types of writing styles and attitudes on an internet forum, and how it relates to the forum subject area.

Social psychology
is however focused not just on consumption and public attitudes on advertising, but also on group behavior, general individual and collective attitudes towards various social issues including war, work, violence and quality of life. This would in turn explain how individuals deal with stress, and focus on the psychological consequences of stress.

The various aspects of social psychology could be examined within the wide concepts of intelligence, gender, advertising, consumer culture, stress and psychological issues that define society. Considering consumer behavior, social psychology uses convincing theories to explain addictive consumption, the influence of advertising and the phenomenon of purchasing.

Social psychology subfield looks at how these jurors interact and arrive at a unanimous decision. These branches of forensic psychology allow the psychologists to work together with other people from different fields.

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