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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology is such a broad field that it is no wonder that counseling psychologist work in many different settings and environments. They also have varied work schedules and receive different yearly salaries.

Those with counseling psychology degrees work in university counseling centers and schools as well as hospitals and group practices. Most often they work in offices where they meet with clients. Due to the need for privacy and confidentiality, most of the day is spend in offices in one-on- one meeting with clients. However, a growing number of counseling psychologists are self-employed and work in private practices.

Counseling psychology
is one of the largest and most popular fields in psychology. A psychologist in this field deals with the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals with psychological problems. You could work on individual practices or be employed in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and other mental health facilities.

Counseling psychology
encompasses many different facets of human life. In order to be effective and truly help people, you will have to pick a specialization or area to focus on. Most common specializations include academic and scholastic counseling, substance abuse, rehabilitation, marriage or mental health counseling. The particular specialization you choose will determine where you work (school or hospital), your work hours as well as your yearly salary.

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